Thursday, June 19, 2014

Bismarck...and bulls.

I went up to Bismarck with most of my family today to run around town and look at things----and dream of things for the future.....  It was a very fun day!
When we got home, we chased the bulls across the road to the small pasture by the farm here so that they have grass to eat, and so that Sally gets a chance to be a mama again before the bulls are shipped up to the pasture to be with the rest of the herd. 
It rained here again, most of the morning actually.  Yay!   (We're happy about it anyway.)  The wind is picking up now once more and there is a rumble of thunder in the distance again....
I found this picture and thought, with another storm coming, it was a good time to share it with "Ya'll"...

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  1. Yes, I am learning quite a lot about cattle with my job! Exciting and yet nerve wracking sometimes;) Sally is a nice cow, I enjoyed helping milk her....wish I could have done more:)
    WOW, what an encouragement!!! I LOVE watching storms and enjoying hearing the thunder!
    happy, Emmy


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