Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The range...

I babysat again today.  I brought the girls over to the farm for the morning.  They always LOVE coming here!  On the way, they were singing,
"Over the river and through the woods, to Tora's house we go..." 
They asked to see the animals, so I showed them our bottle calves and they loved feeding them grass.  When I took them into the chicken barn, Johanna (3) walked in and, hearing the birds clucking and the roosters crowing, said,
"What a commotion!!"  :) 
Those two make me smile and laugh, again and again!
I took the girls back home after our noon meal, as they sleep so much better in their own beds than anywhere else.  When they woke up, they wanted to go back to my place, but I said no....  I softened the blow by suggesting we make cookies.  It was sprinkling on and off today, so it seemed like a good cookie baking day.  They LOVE helping in the kitchen (especially stirring sweet things and then licking off the spoons).
When I got home, after helping prepare supper and eating, I went down to the range and mowed it.  The grass was VERY thick, so it took over an hour to mow, but looks so nice now.  The guys have been busy with remodeling the outhouse somewhat---adding a much larger tank underneath it that they'll be able to empty easier at the end, using the skidsteer to do so.   They also spent a good part of the morning trimming tree branches and small trees that were growing in the wrong places across the road at that shelter-belt area.  Some people will be camping over there this weekend, so it's nice to have that looking more orderly again! 
Jacob was gone all afternoon helping farmer J. again.   My dad and Andrew worked on fixing the black pickup so they can get that out of the shop before the weekend so we have more room in there.
I'll close with something good to think about...
"Lord, help us to be truly kind to those around us!   ~Amen"

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  1. Oh boy, oh boy....Appleseed shoot here we come!!! I am getting more and more excited to see ya this WHOLE weekend, bummer I suppose I will have to share ya though with all those other kindly folks as well, hehe, I'm just joking...but it shall be nice to see ya again! :)
    "Your" girls are sooo cute, I loved their "over the river and through the woods" song ;)
    Just to cute! What kinda cookies did ya'll make?
    What a wonderful thought! Love it! May the Lord richly bless you tonight! Emmy


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