Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Cabbage anyone???

My mom and I spent most of the day out in the garden, planting and transplanting lots of little things.
With all of the cabbages that came up so well in the greenhouse, Lord willing and cabbage-moth permitting, come Fall, we'll have LOTS of cabbage to share or put up for sauerkraut!
We also cleaned the basement, as my dad had lit the big burn-pile and we wanted to get rid of some garbage that has been sitting around down there way too long... 
Dad was busy with many things today, but one very exciting thing (to me) is that he is working on putting the brand new blades on the large tiller (the one that goes behind the garden tractor).  He has to cut the old ones off and then weld the new ones on.  It's a bigger job than it sounds!
Andrew worked on projects around here, then had a GRAIN CLEANING job this afternoon!  I'm not sure that they'll ever be done with the cleaning season, as it may just continue into the Autumn run?  ;)
Jacob spent all day (until suppertime) at his new job.  He said he helped move some calf-hutches and did a lot of work on haying equipment.  He's still talking about going back, so I guess he's liking it?  His loyalty remains with this farm though, as I gathered by his comment of his not being sure if he's going over in the morning, as he needs to see if Dad needs his help here first.
I have a happy thought to leave you with tonight (thanks for sharing it with me, Emmy!) :


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  1. Gardening days....oh, those are nice!!!! I actually got to do my first weeding of the season yesterday! And as I was looking forward to it, I didn't mind the weeding part!! :) I seem to be having a planting/gardening/digging in the dirt kinda thing going this year! I just love the homegrown produce!!! Cleaning...huh, boy that can be a job! We always seem to have things to clean! :) About that neat and encouraging quote....Your welcome! :)
    Blessings...and prayers ;) Emmy


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