Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Project Appleseed "News"... :)

I spent most of the day babysitting "my" sweet little girls---who are forever growing and changing!
I'm sure my family was very busy, although I don't know particulars of what they all worked on.
I do have some "News" though about the upcoming Appleseed shoot (June 14-15th)!  As of today, there are just 9 of the 30 spots on the range available, and I talked to 2 people today who are seriously considering signing up.  :)  There is also another family we know who has been here before and plan to come if we have any spots available (and some of my family may shoot if there is still room at the end), but would like to leave it open for others to come for now. 
 Andrew just informed me that we'll have another shooting instructor coming to the event too.  He's coming from CONNECTICUT!!!  He'll be driving 2 and half days to get here.  He wants to see this part of the Country and loves instructing at Appleseed shoots, apparently, as the teaching is all done by volunteers (they do get some expenses paid).  I'm glad he's coming, as there will be a lot of people to help.  Praise the LORD!!!!  This is so exciting!  :)
I typed in "Project Appleseed" on Google Images and thought I'd share a few of the pictures that I really liked there....   
 It's a good feeling to see progress---in your own shooting and in your friends' shooting!
 Safety is a HUGE thing at Appleseeds!  It's taught and is watched for.
 It must be strictly enforced and everyone is the better for it.
 Come see if you can make it!  (It took me 3 shoots to finally get my Rifleman patch---and what a good feeling it was to finally make it!!!)
 Uh huh...
"Earn your patch..."
This picture was there too and I just couldn't resist posting it, as it is a picture of the young man who got my brother (then consequently after that, our whole family) started with Project Appleseed several years ago.  :)   (His younger brother was very influential too.)  God bless you both---and may God continue to bless Project Appleseed shoots all across the Country!
The next few days are going to fly by, I'm sure, as we get the place spruced up a bit for company.  :)


  1. I loved your post, Cora! I hope you don't mind my mentioning that it was Chris Scigliano who held the first Appleseed Shoot in North Dakota at his farm and, as a result, brought it to our state! I wonder where he learned about it?

  2. YAY!!! I am EXCITED to learn more about Appleseed and I am looking forward to seeing ya!
    I like having a rifle/shotgun by my side and I am glad to have learned to use one safely!
    Have a wonderful weekend! :) God Bless, Emmy


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