Thursday, June 12, 2014

Lookin' much better!

I should go out and take pictures of all that was accomplished today, but I'm too tired!  Last night, I was really feeling sick (very sore throat, aching ears and head, chills, etc...), so I took a ton of natural things (including "Fire cider") and went to bed really early and slept for 12+ hours!!  I felt SO much better this morning and got better through the day.   PTL!  I really don't want to be sick and spreading germs this weekend!!! 
Jacob went over to his farmin' job this afternoon, but my dad and Andrew spent the day working on projects around here, getting things spiffied up for the Appleseed shoot.  :)  It was SOOO  nice to have their help and so much got accomplished!
The range got remown and the whole rest of the area down there got cut and baled up today and the grass bale got fed to the bulls.  All the lawn got mowed and the weeds whacked (Mom and Andrew remowed Andrew's place, as it had been very thick the first time and didn't cut the best, so we gave it a couple days and now it looks great).  The black pickup is now fixed and out of the shop.  The guys cleaned up the shop too, plus cut a bunch of cardboard for the range (to attach the targets to).  They finished redoing the outhouse, and also found and marked the holes where the flags go the day of the shoot.   I cleaned Andrew's whole house this afternoon ; washed windows here at home; and repainted the swings tonight.  Mom and I weeded the front flower bed.  There was more that got done, but I'm not thinking of it at this moment....  Must be too tired.
Yesterday, while out weeding in the greenhouse while it RAINED outside (80 hundredths!),
 I took this picture of my Columbine that's blooming.
 This picture is of my dad straightening out the merry-go-round which has a tendency to tip when there are big people on it, hanging off the edges and things like that...  He did use the tractor for the straightening part and is just packing the dirt in around it in this photo.  He also cut and smoothed another board for our swingset (one had broke in a bad windstorm we had this spring) and put it on, melting the ends of the rope after they were tied under the swing.
 This picture is of "My" girls on Tuesday as we mixed up Root Beer Float cookie batter from a mix their mama had bought.  Has anyone else ever had this kind of cookie before?
Tonight, I'm very thankful for God's healing!  AND for His joy (the joy of the Lord is my strength!!!).  AND for the sunshine today!   AND for a nice talk with Emmy when she called (she's coming this weekend!!!)!  AND for Project Appleseed!  And that so many new friends will be coming tomorrow and the next day (as well as the old ones too, of course)!!!  :)
    AND, once again, I'm very grateful for bedtime.  I think I'll get to bed early tonight too so as to have lots of energy for the busy day that tomorrow is sure to be. 
   God bless us, everyone!

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  1. Good to hear how things are going! Haha, when you told of your Columbine that was blooming I thought you meant Combine!!!!! Funny:)
    And root beer float cookies, Hmmmm......don't believe I have ever made those before! Sounds interesting though...Yes, there are so many things to be thankful for, the Lord always finds ways to bless us when we are down about something! :)
    Blessings, Emmy
    p.s. I enjoyed talking on the phone to you as well!!!!!!


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