Friday, June 6, 2014

Major bon-fire (and some RAIN)!!

We woke to a cloudy sky and raindrops falling from it.  PTL!  It drizzled on and off all day, amounting to probably a whole 10 hundredths of an inch.  :)  Every drop helps.   I talked to a friend on the western side of the state today and she said they have so much water that they can't hardly get in the fields.  Farming is quite the adventure sometimes.  Actually, most of the time.
Because of the damp weather, the guys didn't do any farming and instead, they did some major outdoor clean-up work!!!!  They used the stack-mover to move the 4 falling down little sheds/chicken coops to the burn-pile.  It didn't take long for that mess to be gone.   
 They had quite the bon-fire roaring!  Jacob took these pictures.  He asked if anybody wanted to roast marshmallows?  He said we'd have to bring our own 20' long stick and, seeing as we don't have roasting sticks that long, we didn't eat marshmallows!
My mom and I did some big-time cleaning in the house too and sent some trash out to be burned. 
I went across the road and cut some rhubarb for our dessert ("Rhubarb dessert" is what it's called).  I also transplanted some flowers into the pots on the deck and let God water them. 
I'm looking forward to tomorrow, as we've been invited to the home of some new friends of ours.  :) 
May our Heavenly Father guide us all through the weekend and may we all feel refreshed for a new week of work! 

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  1. Oh bless you! I am so thankful ya'll got some rain!!! Oh and what a neat/exciting bon fire, you should have had a bbq party ;) But yes, I suppose as Jacob said you probably would need a 20' long stick!!! Hehe, now wouldn't that be one for the books! :>
    Yum, rhubarb is great! We were recently blessed with some free stuff from some lovely neighbors! YAY! Gotta get choppin', Emmy


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