Thursday, June 26, 2014

Fresh mown lawn...

....smells WONDERFUL!  But, I'm sure you all knew that already.  :)
My dad and I were the only ones home today.  We spent almost 4 hours this afternoon mowing all of the lawn (including the range and up at Andrew's place).  It's been such a blessing to get rain here lately---and the grass really grows with water!
My mom and brothers went to Bismarck. Jacob needed to get a chiropractic adjustment after his rollover experience...and Andrew got some more things for his home. 
This morning, my dad asked me to go along with him to a farmer's field and bring the pickup back while he drove the tractor and drill home.  While he was driving, I took some pictures of the things we saw...
A gravel road and beautiful sky...
 A maintainer working on the gravel road under the beautiful blue sky...
 A trail, rather than a gravel road, but still an artistically beautiful "sky" blue sky...
 Then, we were there. 
AND, since I had to drive home and I don't text or take pictures while I'm driving, that's the end of the picture story for today.  :)

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  1. Oh ,Cora, I just LOVE beautiful blue skies too! So pretty! Haha, I love the big Case tractor too;) Nice to see farmers in the fields keeping busy! tractor & truck lovin' gal, Emmy :->


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